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Are you someone who wants to get in touch with their higher self?

Do you want to know more about how to heal using natural means?

Do you think healing must include addressing your spiritual or inner self needs?

Then you made a great decision, 
because you are exactly the type of person I want to know and to help.

I have been a Naturopathic Doctor for a long time.
I have also pursued a path to a greater spiritual nature at the same time.
I believe self healing using natural means and
taking care of your inner self is the way to truly get better.

When you take the time to self heal,
you most likely will need to delve deep
into your psychology,
into natural techniques and
into figuring out how to get in touch with your higher self.

The Healer

I can help with two of these aspects,
natural healing and
helping you get in touch with your higher self.
The one area you will need to take charge of is
finding a great person to help you deal with your psychology.

Now, we all have areas of our psychology
which need to be addressed and changed.
I can point you in a direction,
but if you really need help –
find a good therapist and get going…

There are three areas to address for total conscious healing:
1. Your psychology
2. Techniques of Natural Conscious Healing
3. Your Higher Self – How to find and touch Your higher consciousness…

If you have questions –
please message me on facebook:

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I look forward to a long, fruitful interaction together.

Doctor Elisabeth

PS: Three areas to get to know your inner self well.
One area I am working on to provide you an in-depth technique is
how to identify and then correct your inner chatter.
We all have to deal with this,
we all have a non-stop inner dialogue going on.
This technique will help you look at,
then be able to stop non-productive inner chatter.

Interested? Stay in touch…

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