About Dr. Elisabeth, a Naturopathic Doctor.

Want to Learn Self-Healing Using Spirituality?

What am I Supposed to be Doing?

So, first I discovered a love of
wild medicinal plants.
I used to walk home from work with
an herbal identification book in hand,
so I could learn the wild plants along the way.

Then a few years later I was actively looking for
“What am I supposed to be doing with my life?”
I am sure you went through a time of figuring things out, 
I was no different.

Lo and behold –
there in a bookstore in a book
about alternative healing in Britain (!)
I discovered my answer.
The answer was to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

In fact the doctor (a Chiropractor)
who gave me the school catalog said to me:
“You don’t want to become a naturopathic doctor
there’s no money in it.”

When something is exactly right,
often negativity from someone or from
will try to stop you.

I quickly sent in my application so
I could study and
become a naturopathic doctor.
I remember sitting on a bus
reading the school catalog –
I wasn’t sure how to even pronounce
some of the subjects
I knew I would be studying before long.

Well, when you know, you know.

And the best thing
you can do for yourself is
pursue that path no matter
how difficult it might seem.

Natural Healing & Being a Naturopathic Doctor

Four years later, I graduated and
the path of sharing my knowledge about
how to heal using 
natural remedies, therapies and modalities.
My love of natural healing continues to this day.
My sister theorizes 
I became a natural medicine doctor
so I could heal myself.

I know I am far too sensitive to
the drugs and chemicals 
used as “medicine” by
western allopathic doctors and
being put on a prescription would probably
lead to my quick demise.
I continue to avoid chemicals in any form.
(And I don’t really trust MDs.)

I try to eat organic foods,
eat a healthy diet for a good long quality of life and
do the work necessary to pass the tests we all have.

True Healing Begins in
Your Spiritual Body

While Naturopathic Doctors might understand
healing needs to address your spiritual needs and spiritual body,
there is a gap in understanding this and
the ability to address
how to actually heal from
the level of your spiritual body
to all the rest of you.

Because healing truly begins at a higher level
than the physical plane,
it is good to know how to access your higher plane
and what you can use to heal from the higher place.

So we offer techniques, rituals and secrets
keys to raise your energy
to access higher consciousness
and to self heal
to transform yourself.

Healing and helping others
has always been a driving purpose for me.

The desire to share natural healing and
how it is possible to heal yourself is
what is being shared on this website.

Are you ready to begin
your journey to
greater alignment with purpose
disciplining yourself for
self transformation
and living a fulfilling life….


To this day I try to live
the life of one immersed in nature cure and
the enchanting, amazing world of natural health and healing.

Natural medicine in its purest form treats the whole person –
Dr. Lindlahr, who wrote the book Nature Cure, explains it this way:

“Nature Cure is

a system of building the entire being in harmony with
the constructive principle in Nature on
the physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of being.”

We are one whole person, and
you cannot separate out the
different parts of your body from each other.

They work together as a whole being…
So when you address and treat all levels of your being,
you get better results.

“Disease… is not an accident,
not an arbitrary punishment,
not always an “error of mortal mind.”
It is the natural and inevitable result of
violations of nature’s laws.
It is instructive and corrective in purpose, and
will remain with us only
as long as we need its salutary lessons.”

Dr. Lindlahr. (1913). Nature Cure.

This is a “Mini Medical School” lecture given at the University of California. Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics, explores the damage and effects caused by sugar in foods.

Dr. Lustig presents lots of scientific research that
fructose – too much and
fiber – not enough –
are to be considered
cornerstones of the obesity epidemic.
Recorded on 05/26/2009.

Bottom line: stop eating sugar in every form. Read the ingredients list of EVERY food you buy!

Sugar definitely gets in the way of spiritual attunement, accessing your Higher consciousness and your ability to self-heal…

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