Secret Alchemy to Healing: You – The Spiritual Warrior

First Alchemy: You – The Spiritual Warrior

Learn how to be a spiritual warrior who uses self healing techniques.
This visionary series empowers you to explore ways to heal yourself using ancient secrets updated.

Secret Keys to Alchemy – Alchemy means to Change.
All real and lasting change is an inner walk with
 your Higher Self. 

It is being willing to 
wrestle with your lesser/human self 
and change 

what you knows needs to improve. 

The alchemy of self healing is aligning yourself with:

your higher wisdom, 

  • your higher power and 

  • your higher love, 

  • all of which are part of God, who is part of you…

How to Be A Spiritual Warrior

  1. Know You Are A Divine Being
  2. Protect Yourself & Your Family
  3. Create A Sacred Space to Use for Healing
  4. Attune Daily with your Higher Consciousness

On this journey of life, 

when you make the decision, 
you can be the Hero/the Heroine.

First, There are a few secret keys to make your own.

One essential key is you are a divine being.

You have a divine self.
Look at the picture and
see it as a picture of you.

Your Divine Self

When you start pursuing a path of self healing,
all healing begins within you,
within your higher self.
So your journey starts with
the inner and outer understanding of
being a self in God.

Knowing you are God,
God dwells in you is
the firm foundation for great change
in the alchemy of total self healing.

So, the first alchemy is you as a spiritual warrior.

Believe you are a great spiritual being 

who is here on this planet
to pass your tests.

I believe in your ability to create great change for yourself.

Build on the foundation of
being one with God because
you can do anything in God.

1. Know You Are A Divine Being

You Have a Divine Self &
You are One with God…

This is the secret kept from you for eons.
This key was removed from the Bible and the sacred texts of almost all religions.

God dwells in the inner light of everyone.

Everywhere you look at the way
people and the culture is expressing itself
(music, art, clothes, relationships, materialism, pursuit of success, etc…),
this worldly culture works
to separate you from 
your divine image
and the divine blueprint within you.

So, how do you go about believing in your divine image and 

protecting your divine blueprint?

It’s simple, but it will take practice:

  • See your self as one with God.
  • Give daily protection prayers and
to protect yourself & your family
  • Daily align your energies with your Higher Self.
Higher Self

How to See Your Divine Self – You One with God

This is the Chart of Your Divine Self.  
This is the image and likeness of God in you.  

As you are reading this right now, 

you are represented
by the lower figure in the Chart.

Above you in the center is a figure looking like the Christ, Jesus.  

It is the figure of
the Universal Christ individualized,
always present with you.

This is the Christ, or the Mediator between you and God. 

The Christ Self is your Higher Self and

your Christ Self is one with every other Higher Self.

John (John 1:14) speaks of beholding the glory of the only begotten Son of God in Jesus.

There is only one Son of God and that is the Universal Christ. 

This son of God is also represented by Buddha, by Krishna and other Divine Mediators.

Jesus, our brother was the Son of man, even as 
you are Mary the son of man, or Joe or 
Jim or Bill the son of man.  

It means you are the sun of manifestation, the s-u-n.

You are the sun of manifestation of 

your I AM Presence and 

your beloved Holy Christ Self.

You are a son, a daughter or a child of God already, 

now you must claim your rightful inheritance
to be a son, a daughter of God.

This Chart is also teaches that in the upper figure 
you have the presence of the Father who never leaves you. 

So, You are Really a Trinity in Manifestation.  

And most of you is living and dwelling at a higher vibration, 

at a more accelerated level of consciousness 
your Higher Consciousness. 

You, the lower figure are intended
to be the embodiment of the Holy Spirit.

And so, all of your life is to be
the celebration of the Holy Spirit in 

your sacred labor,
your profession,
your calling, 

having your family,
your relationships, 
your recreation.  

Everything you do, twenty-four hours a day, is a communion with the Holy Spirit.  
With that joy in your heart 

there is no more sorrow or depression or 
need for drugs or other kinds of stimuli,

because the Holy Spirit is
the greatest stimulus and 

the greatest power there is
to help you reunite with your Lord. 

What you have to realize is
the one God was able to take His name
I AM THAT I AM (Exodus 3:14-15) as
the very vibrancy of himself and create
the greatest memorial for you that ever could be created.
With these words
He created his own image and
his own Presence
individualized for you and for me. 

God is with you now as the beloved Father, as your I AM Presence right above you.  

And as you commune with that Father,
the Father comes very close.  
It is written in scripture, Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you.  

So, God is one God but personified, individualized for each of us.

What you put your attention on, you become.

So, the first alchemy of you,
as a spiritual warrior is
to see yourself as one with God.

You can walk the grand spiritual adventure
which is your birthright.

Here is a video of my teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet explaining this manifestation.

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