The Healing Practice Using Qi Gong

The practice of qi gong can be used for healing others. Perhaps you are wondering, “Does qi gong really heal diseases?”

According to Chinese medicine, it plays a very critical role in healing many diseases because it moves the energy in the body.

When you practice qigong, your body becomes adaptable and dynamic, which allows natural healing through physiological processes proceeds with minimal interruption.

Qigong is classified into three main categories:
Medical, martial, and Spiritual.

In this piece, we shall discuss medical qigong.

Medical qigong is the commonest of the three and consists of two types:

  • Self-healing and
  • External Qigong or Qi Emission.

For Self-Healing Qigong

you employ practices to improve your own health.

There are a couple of self-healing practices that you can use, depending on the state of your health.

They include:

  • Sun on the kidneys practice:
    In this practice, stand upright and have your kidneys face the sun and your palms over them.
    Then visualize by first taking a deep inhalation and hold the breath as you circulate sun energy on the kidney.
    Use this three times, then breathe out and visualize the disease leaving you.
    Repeat the whole process a couple of times, then take a final breath.This practice activates, warms, cleanses, and makes your kidneys stronger, leaving you relaxed.
  • Building and gathering Qi:
    This is a method anyone can apply.
    The process involved in gathering qi is somehow easy, but honestly, it needs your time for daily practicing.
    The standard exercise to build and gather Qi for self-healing can take you up to 100 days.
    It’s a common practice employed by Chinese practitioners.
  • Kidney and lymphatic activation walk:
    This involves several easy walking strategies you can adopt to enhance self-healing.
    The first step requires walking for 10 minutes, aimed at activating your lymphatic system.
    The second step involves a kidney activation process, where you make 100 steps slowly, in a heal-to-toe manner.
    The third step is similar to the second one, only you walk backward, at a faster pace and on a foot-to-toe way.

In External Qigong

one person does healing practices on their friend, partner or client, to make them feel better.

Some of the exercises include:

  • Employ the healing touch method:
    The first step is to have the person doing the practice standing behind the partner.
    You then make some light chops with your hands on your partner’s back.
    Repeat that from top to bottom of their back.
  • Qigong Meridian Therapy (GMT):
    This innate healing practice focuses mainly on Qi, the force that enables the body to carry on with its normal activities normally and cuts across all aspects of nature.
    Specific hand techniques are used to cause qi gong healing energy and stimulate points around the meridians.
    Generally, it phases out blockages and improves energy flow.
    Used on a partner they can develop a natural healing ability, and improve their chances of resisting infections.



In summary, the techniques discussed above are just a portion of the pool from which you can choose from to use qi gong for healing yourself, your partner and friends.
The methods might feel overwhelming at first, but they become comfortable with practice. Therefore, they are worthwhile.

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