Qi gong moves energy flow within your body. Along with Acupuncture and Herbal medicine, qigong forms part of Chinese medicine.
According to the Chinese, all diseases result from the disharmony of

  • Yin – inward feminine energy which is still, dark and negative, and
  • Yang – an outward masculine hot energy which is considered bright and positive.

How Qi Gong Affects the Energy Flow in Your Body

Through actuation of the body:
Qi gong influences the supply and flow of energy to the various body systems, which is essential for growth and development as well as enhancing body performance and physiological activities.
By facilitating transformation:
Qigong facilitates the process of digestion by improving the performance of body organs. This transforms the ingested resources into vital constituents of the body, which can now flow to the various organs distributing energy. For instance, ingested food is converted into blood while the indigestible is excreted.
Enhances containment:
Regulation of resources in two-ways:
1. Bodily fluids are allowed to flow to the right organs,
2. while the extraneous matter is kept off the vital organs and excreted.
In the end, body systems such as metabolism, blood, and oxygen circulation, as well as the digestive system all function correctly, hence improving health.

Acupuncture Meridians & Energy Flow

There are 12 acupuncture meridians diagrammed in Chinese Acupuncture.
Among them are kidney and lung meridians.
For qi (life energy) to get into these meridians,
it flows along these lines called meridian lines of the body.
According to the Chinese Medical practitioners who studied it,
any hindrance to the flow may be as a result of stress, trauma, depression, etc.

acupuncture energy

Flow of Qi Energy Through Acupuncture Meridians

1. Qi flows from the chest region to the hands
through the lung, pericardium and the heart
(Three-arm Yin channels).
2. Then it’s channeled to the large intestines, small intestines, and San Jiao,
which together form
the three-paired arm Yang channel,
3. then qi flows to the head.
4. The head passes the qi on to the bladder, stomach, gall bladder meridians, which
5. then flows to the feet.
6. Finally, the feet connect to the spleen, kidney, and liver
(leg Yin channels),
7. where it flows back to the chest,
hence completing the cycle.

Visualization using Light Energy

Visaulization is a practice
where you form a mental image
while your eyes are closed.
But in qigong, how do you practice it?

Well, it’s simple.
To understand this,
let’s take a scenario whereby you are inside a dim-lit room.
To visualize, close your eyes and
imagine the room being full of very bright light, which has energy.
Once you experience the light energy,
take a deep breath to inhale the energy, followed by a gentle exhalation. You are using visualization, mental imagery to influence your body.
Repeat a couple of times, then open your eyes to visualize the room with your eyes open. And that’s it!

How Qi Gong Helps Energy Flow

  • Qi gong harmonizes and causes healing to malfunctioning body organs. Through this, energy flow through the channels to the meridians is increased.
  • Qigong movements improve the activity of body organs; hence they can perform efficiently and allow more energy through the blood to flow.
  • Chinese medicine suggests energy from various body organs flows to the extreme parts of the body. This means by practicing qigong, energy is allowed to flow to the localized parts.
  • Using Visualization with qigong causes a balancing effect to the brain,
    where all body reactions like stress are managed.
    Therefore, qigong keeps the mind positive, and in return, the mind regulates energy flow to various organs.

When you have a good understanding of
how energy flow is affected by the practice of Qi gong
it will go a long way to improving your experience,
whether you’re doing it for a spiritual purpose, martial arts or self healing.

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