These natural health secrets support the whole you.
They help remove barriers to your excellent health.
These 7 secrets can build a foundation for a lifelong sense of well being and aging with vitality.

The first step starts with the BIG picture.

Natural Health Secret 1. Balance Immune System & Increase Circulation

When you strengthen your immune system and circulation,
it is possible to rebuild your entire body.

With improved circulation,
there is better nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells of your body.
Waste removal from the cells and immune functions
improve with increased circulation.

Damage to your cells occurs repeatedly every day.
With improved circulation and immune functions,
you have assistance with recovery from many health issues.

Keys to Balance Your Immune System and Circulation

Your ability to protect yourself from invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi
can be made stronger or made weaker by choices you make around your diet and lifestyle.
Your body has a truly amazing response
to attacks from outside your body.

You can strengthen your immune system when you:

  • Improve your nutrition
  • Add immune builders to your regime
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise regularly
  • Work steadily on your emotional
  • and spiritual well-being.increase circulation

You strengthen your circulation when you:

  1. do consistent breathing exercises
  2. with visualization and mantras.

Eat Healing Foods: Avoid Sugar and Harmful Processed Foods

Sugar is one item that should have a strong warning label.

Sugar is extremely toxic to your immune system because
it inactivates NK cells.
NK cells are large white blood cells which
attach to the surface of infected cells and then kills them.

As little as one teaspoon of sugar ingested in any food will
shut down NK-cell activity up to six hours.
If NK cells are inactive,
you are vulnerable to invasion.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all strengthen your immunity.
Make natural foods the bulk of your diet.
Over time, a wholesome diet of unprocessed, natural foods will
rebalance your immunity and help your blood.

Your best choice of healing foods are

  • organic foods,
  • free-range eggs and dairy, and
  • purified water.

Reduce Your Stress to Improve Your Immunity

With excess stress of any type, your body sends out the stress hormone cortisol.

Then two things to happen because of the rise in cortisol:

  1. your DHEA levels drop and
  2. interleukin-6 levels rise.

DHEA is a very important immune hormone.
It is also called the anti-aging hormone.
DHEA drops with a rise in cortisol.

When Interleukin rises, it causes inflammation, pain and swelling.

These two hormones have an opposite response.
Because it is a good idea to keep any inflammatory factors under control,
stress reduction really helps.

So, learn how to deal with stress in your life so it does not have a negative impact.

Exercise Enhances Immunity and Increases Circulation

Low to moderate exercise benefits your overall health.
Walking is a most effective activity,
providing movement for your body and clearing your mind.
Moderate exercise three times a week does wonders.

Your Spiritual Life: Key to Good Health

Your thoughts and emotions affect your immunity and your circulation.
Prayer, happiness, feelings of self-worth and
a spiritual life are paramount to good health.

Natural Health Secret 2. Increase Beneficial Bacteria

Following step one
after you have
enhanced your natural immunity and improved your circulation,
now it’s time to support and protect
the normal, symbiotic flora found in your intestines.

Your normal microflora:

  • aid digestion,
  • promote nutrient production,
  • maintain pH (acid-base) balance, and
  • prevent proliferation of unwelcome bacteria.

From the time of birth your body is inhabited by these good bacteria.

Your native intestinal flora
may have been altered or diminished 
due to
medications, antibiotics, diet, disease or aging.

Lack of beneficial bacteria can lead to:

  • Digestive issues
  • Poor bowel function and flatulence
  • A weakened immune system
  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Low level of energy and well-being.

Adding probiotics to your healthy lifestyle regime will support your microflora.
This is a key natural health secret.

Digestive tract flora are absolutely necessary to
break down and to assimilate your food.
These flora also help the immune functions vital to your long term health.

Now it is time to replenish your intestinal microflora and
you need to continue doing this for a while.

Probiotics are “living microorganisms that confer a health benefit to the host when administered in adequate amounts.”
The benefits of adding probiotics to your health regimen include
improving immune functions, regularity, digestion and detoxification.

About 70 percent of your immune system is
located in your digestive tract (!),
where specialized cells play an important role in 
the first line of defense against invading organisms.


The microflora in the lining of the intestinal tract also
acts as a physical barrier.

“Regular consumption of probiotics, therefore, helps regulate the level of ‘friendly’ bacteria, reinforcing this barrier and maintaining intestinal health,”
says the Medical Marketing Manager of Dannon Company Inc.

Restore the Balance of Beneficial Bacteria

It is quite common to have too few of these friendly bacteria organisms in your digestive system.

When this happens, your body lets you know with

  • sluggishness,
  • irregularity,
  • bloating, or
  • a weak immune system.

There is a synergistic relationship between good bacteria and your body:

  • You provide a safe place for them to live and grow
  • They help you digest,
  • absorb your food,
  • eliminate and maintain healthy intestinal functions.

It works very well… as long as there are enough probiotics.


Viability of Probiotics

In the U.S.A., many probiotic products are poor:

they are supported by poor research,
are poorly formulated, and
suffer from poor quality control.

Many products list bacterial genera and species,
but make no mention of the viability of the bacteria.
Acidophilus, for instance, has only a 53% viability,
which means only half the bacteria you take will be able to survive and provide benefit to you.

Probiotics: Used Live and to Colonize

Not all probiotic bacteria are the same.

They differ on the basis of genus, species and strain and results.
Probiotic cultures vary and
the benefit of a probiotic is not measured simply by the number of living bacteria in a pill.

It has been shown organisms must both live and 
colonize within the gut to provide beneficial effects.

Unfortunately a lot of probiotics
don’t even reach the intestine and
so offer no benefits.

Probiotics are fragile live bacteria. The beneficial effects of probiotics depend on their viability and
the ability of the bacteria to survive and colonize the gastrointestinal tract.
Certain probiotics help strengthen the body’s natural defenses while providing a regular source of “friendly” bacteria. Experts agree daily consumption of probiotic supplements is the most beneficial.

Secret 3. Your Nutrition for Life

How well do you eat?
Do you eat for life, or live to eat?
Do you eat foods that heal?

What pH is your body maintaining?
Is it alkaline or acid?

Most of us are acidic.
An acidic state is behind EVERY illness, physical, mental and emotional.

Diet and nutrition are big projects.
Figure out the best diet for your body,
then stick to it.

Self discipline about nutrition becomes a by-word and an activity for life.
This is an important natural health secret.

Secret 4. Rebuild Internal Systems

So far, You have been willing to:

  • correct your nutrition,
  • rebuild your intestinal flora,
  • support your immune system and circulation,

Now it is time to repair and rebuild your internal organs and systems.

Where to start?

Begin with that area with the
most symptoms
you are experiencing right now.

You are unique.

This step will require:

  • research;
  • assistance from a natural health care practitioner such as a Naturopathic Doctor; and
  • a support system such as family, friends or a group.

Natural Health Secret 5. Nutritional Supplements

You are rebuilding yourself from the inside out.

Now you add nutritional supplements: 
vitamins, minerals and other supplements to stay on for a long time.

But which ones?

Did you know 80% + of the supplements in your health food store are entirely chemicals?

‘Health food supplements’ are an industry.

Typically, the ingredients are chosen for
ease of producing in a manufacturing plant,
not for ease of your body’s assimilation.

  • Read labels.
  • Determine how the product is produced.
  • Does it consist of natural substances or 
of man-made chemicals?
  • Make wise choices and check those supplements out!

Secret 6. Detox and Remove Blockages to Your Health

It’s detox time.
Time to address,
then remove issues blocking your good health.

Issues such as:

  • The health of your teeth.
  • Hidden, unresolved infections.
  • Scars.
  • Heart disease.
  • Heavy metal toxicity.
  • Misalignment of your spine.

Secret 7. Reduce Your Stress

Reduce your mental and emotional stress.

Strengthen your ability to
cope and remain calm
no matter what is going on.

  • Meditate.
  • Cleanse your body’s internal environment
  • once or twice a year.

Do not take anything written here as medical advice. It’s not.
It is my opinion of how to get better in a step by step manner.

These are natural health secret keys I follow to correct personal health issues which come up from time to time.

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