There is a very politically incorrect saying about
the type of person 
who may need a gallbladder detox
because they have gallstones:
they are fat, flabby, over forty and female.

anyone can get gallstones
especially with 
the types of foods many people eat today:
food that is fast, fatty and
does not fill you up with living nutrients

Spring is the best time to cleanse and detox your liver and gallbladder
because according to Oriental medicine,
it is 
during the spring
when your liver and gallbladder meridians are most active.

However, anytime of the year is fine for a gallbladder detox if you need to do one.

Any of these cleanses can be used to avoid gallbladder surgery.
If you already have been told you need gallbladder surgery –
find a holistic or naturopathic practitioner
to help guide you during your gallbladder detox.

There are three gallbladder cleanses in the following information.
Read them over and decide which one appeals the most to you.
Then follow the directions carefully.

Cleanse #1

Ingredients You Need for Your Gallbladder Detox

4 gallons of apple juice – unsweetened
4 gallons of steam distilled (or reverse osmosis) water
1/2 c virgin (unrefined) olive oil
3 lemons (enough to make 1/4 cup lemon juice)
1 straw (optional)

How to Do the Cleanse

The gallbladder cleanse takes 4 days to complete.
It is simple and inexpensive.

Each day for 4 days
drink up to 1 gallon of apple juice and
up to 1 gallon of purified water.
You will not feel hungry.
The apple juice will give you energy.

apple juice

Avoid strenuous activities.
Allow your body to focus on cleansing itself.

Each morning or evening,
give yourself an enema (or get a colonic)
to help remove toxins being released.

It is important to do a daily enema because poisonous substances can
settle in the rectum and
need to be expelled from the body
before causing any problems.

Drinking Olive Oil for Gallbladder Detox

On the evening of the third night when you are tired and ready for bed,
drink 1/2 cup of virgin olive oil mixed well
1/4 cup lemon juice.

olive oil

Be sure to use unrefined olive oil from a natural foods store.
Chill the oil – it tastes better cold and
use a straw to sip it.
Sipping decreases any taste of the oil.

Then go directly to bed and
lie down on your right side with
two pillows under the right hip.

The pillows slant your body
the oil will leave the stomach faster and
go down into the gallbladder duct area.

As you rest, 
the oil will be saturating and 
cleansing your body tissues.
This position might feel awkward,
but this is the most effective position
the oil to do its work
expelling the gallstones.
You may change your position after 4 or 5 hours.

Fourth Day

Continue drinking apple juice and purified water.
On the morning after drinking the oil,
you will probably want to lie in bed and take it easy.
This is a good time for prayer and meditation.
You won’t be in pain.

Passing Gall Stones

Sometime during the fourth day
you will probably have a bowel movement.
Check the toilet water carefully.
When you pass gallstones,
you should see them floating
near the top of the toilet water.
You won’t feel pain when they are expelled
because the stones are soft when they pass.
The stones can be the size of tiny pellets, 
pebbles or as
large as the end of your thumb.
The stones come in different
shades of green and
may be bright colored and shiny.

The color comes from the bile.
The light colored stones are the newest.
Blackish stones are the oldest.
Some people say when they passed their stones,
the toilet water looked like balls of bright green grass.

It is exciting to actually see
gallstones that were once inside your body.
It is rewarding to see them out of your body.
Because they are softened, they seem waxy, rather than stony.

You can get a colander or strainer and
try fishing the stones out and washing them off. (!)
It is not unusual to expel 100 or more
gallstones after doing this cleanse.
Continue doing daily enemas for 2 or 3 more days
after you expel the gallstones
to help clean out the toxins
coming into the colon after the cleanse.

Eat small meals after the cleanse.
Watch to see if there is pain after eating.
If so, go more slowly.
Fruits are easiest to digest.

On the second day after the cleanse,
a simple vegetable soup with plenty of broth is good.

Don’t pig out on the fifth day.
The body has slowed down and
you need to take 3 or 4 days to rebuild to a normal diet.
For 3 or 4 days following the fast,
eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and
drink unsweetened juices to restart the digestive mechanisms.

Reactions to the Flush

After drinking the oil and lemon,
you may feel like burping or vomiting.
You might sip on a little tomato juice.
The acid and the salt in the juice help cut the oil.
Don’t drink more than a tablespoon or so of the tomato juice.
You might want to just hold it in your mouth and then spit it out.

Sometime during the night,
you may vomit or be nauseated.
You may be able to feel the expulsion of stones.
It will not be a sharp pain,
just a mild contraction.

In all honesty,
you may spend a miserable night.
But it is only one night of discomfort.

Recovery from conventional gallbladder surgery
involves months of pain and suffering as
the scar tissue and internal organ has to mend.

Rewards after the Flush

You will have the reward of seeing gallstones move out of your body.
These stones will no longer be interfering with 
normal body functions.
After you pass gallstones, you may experience increased stamina.

Almost every adult who does this cleanse passes gallstones.
The little bit of discomfort you might experience 
will be well worth it
because of increased health benefits.

Cleanse #2

7 Day Liver Gallbladder Detox

Day 1-6
Eat 4-6 apples (green apples like Granny Smith work best)
drink 4-5 glasses of organic, unfiltered apple juice from morning to night.
Eat normally, unless you have experience fasting.
Fast only under supervision.

Approximately 1 hour before bed mix:
2 TB (30ml) olive oil* – cold pressed is best
2 TB (30ml) lemon juice – freshly squeezed is best (or use grapefruit juice).
8 oz of filtered water (use hot water if you want)

Drink down and go to bed and lie on right side. Repeat for 6 days.

2. Day 7
Give yourself an enema first thing in the morning.

In the morning, give yourself a chlorophyll or coffee enema
or have a colonic.

This step is a must!

Because if your colon is not cleared completely
prior to this flush
you could easily experience unpleasant symptoms such as: 
nausea, heartburn, cramping, headaches etc.

These symptoms are due to the toxins in the stagnant bile that has been
flushed out of the gallbladder into the intestines.

Repeat step 1:
1 hour before bed mix:
2/3 cup (200ml) olive oil*
1/3 cup (100ml) lemon juice
8 oz filtered water

Sip slowly, when done go to bed and lie on your right side.

Please note: For those of you who have a very congested Liver/gallbladder,
it may be necessary to use herbs
that stimulate the liver and
that stimulate bile production.

You can warm up the olive oil if you like, by placing the oil in a glass in a pot of hot tap water.
(Do not heat oil on stove!)


Cleanse #3

Gallstones Purging Recipe – An Alternative to Gallbladder Surgery

Here is the original recipe:

Eat only fat-free breakfast the day of gallbladder cleanse,
and then fast.
Eat nothing after 2 pm.
Drink only water.

In the evening:
Squeeze juice from fresh lemons to make ½ cup lemon juice
Mix it well with 1 cup of Olive oil.

Drink it.

Walk all night.
Empty bowels into the toilet and
look for stones.

End of Suggested Gallbladder Detoxes

I was in my forties,
but not flabby or fat.

However, my inner knowing sensed
I could use a gallbladder detox.

And so, I did my first gallbladder flush.
I have continued doing them about
every seven years.
I give the testimonial
that a gallbladder detox works
and you can feel much better
after doing one.

Doctor Elisabeth


Dietary Patterns and Risk of Gallbladder Disease


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