The ancient Qi gong (pronounced as “chee gong”) practice for self healing is a whole body system engaging three primary techniques at the same time:

  • Body movement
  • Meditation
  • Breathing.

Even today this healing system continues to be widely practiced.
The system is traditionally practiced throughout Asia and China to build or balance qi (pronounced “chi”).
It is also called Ki gong, Qigong or Chi gung. Qi Gong has roots in medicine, philosophy, and martial arts.

“Qi” forms part of the Chinese tradition and means vital energy, breath and spirit. 
”Gong” is translated to mean mastery or cultivation.

Qi gong combines to mean “mastery of energy” or “cultivation of vital energy.”
Among the reasons Qi gong is so popular is its essence in self-healing.

Qi Gong Self Healing

Qi Gong Used for Self-Healing

Qi Gong Cultivates Positive Emotions:
Science finds every living organism produces a bioelectric field. Qigong is believed to detect and correct energetic imbalances and so relieves individual stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative vibrations associated with the bioelectric field.

Ensures the free flow of Qi and proper energetic nourishment of the body:
For efficient functioning of the body, Qi must flow correctly to all body parts. However, there must be a balance.

If Qi flows extremely fast, body organs might get overwhelmed and fail. If it flows too slowly, organs may get suffocated due to inadequate resources.

Practicing qigong ensures balance in the flow of Qi, hence your body operates normally.


Qi Gong Activates Acupuncture Meridians:
It functions in the same way as physical exercising, which is vital in ensuring various body organs function as expected, hence improve the health system of the body.

Qi Gong has Many Health Benefits for Your Body

They include:
Efficient digestion: During the practice, body meridians are activated, and this is very crucial in enhancing the efficiency of digestive organs.
Better, relaxed sleep: Qigong relaxation movements have been proven to relieve sleep disorders such as apnea and insomnia.
Regulated body temperature: Qi ensures controlled flow in all body parts. Therefore, blood, which is responsible for temperature regulation, flows efficiently to the body parts, causing a proper temperature balance.
Enhanced immunity: Specialized medical research has shown that qigong improves the number of monocytes and lymphocytes, which are components of white blood cells and form the most significant part of the lymphatic, immune system—responsible for enhanced body immunity.
Improves body balance: Qigong movements allow a balanced flow of resources, for instance, transportation of oxygen to the relevant organs and tissues such as muscles and joints. These resources cause both healing and enhanced balance.
It can be used if you are seriously ill: In China, qigong is recommended for severely diseased patients such as cancer patients. If the patient is too weak to stand, they can still practice while lying down until they regain energy.

In conclusion, qigong is a great practice everyone could consider embracing, primarily due to its benefits on mental, physical, and emotional health.


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