Alchemy of Whole Body Healing

Welcome! I am so glad you are here.
We embark on a higher purpose:
to help you integrate an alchemy of whole body healing
using a spiritual perspective.

The highest plan: to see
the healing of your inner being as well as
outer healing of your physical body and
the other three lower bodies.

The flow of energy to and from you directly impacts your inner sense of well-being and how you experience the health of your body.

Here you can examine keys to help you bring healing to all levels of your being.
Beginning with your spirit you can look at tools to help you change.

Did you know the state of your spirit has a direct impact on the state of your health? 
The core condition of your spirit determines the vibrancy of your health and is the wellspring of your life.

Your Four Lower Bodies

four lower bodies

You have four lower bodies which are your vehicles for expression in this physical plane.

You think, you have feelings and desires, and you have a memory of the past which you bring with you.

Your mental body has to do with your thoughts,
you have a desire body, called your emotional body and
you have a spiritual or etheric body.
These three bodies are in addition to your physical body.

Your four lower bodies are the “coat of skins” that clothe your soul.
These lower bodies are interpenetrating sheaths of consciousness surrounding you.
They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but their state and condition have a big effect on your state of health.
Together with your chakras, the four lower bodies create the condition of your aura, healthy and whole or sick and diseased, or somewhere in between.

The four lower bodies can be understood as corresponding to four seasons.
Or, You can think of them as fire, air, water and earth.
The etheric body is fire,
the mental body is air,
the emotional body is water and
the physical body is earth.

Your four lower bodies are a platform for healing and wholeness.
They form your base for a healthy life and for wholeness at all levels.
It is important to have balance in each of these four quadrants of being.

An Inner Blueprint to Your Real Self

You have an inner blueprint for your soul and for each of your four lower bodies.
A blueprint is like a map or a plan to follow.

You have a divine plan and
you have your inner blueprint.
When you are in alignment with your inner plan and blueprint, all is well.

When you are out of alignment with your higher calling,
you feel out of balance, you sense all is not well.

If this state continues, eventually you experience various states of illness or “dis-ease.” And then… you suffer.

No one likes to suffer.
Suffering is being out of alignment with your inner flow, the inner blueprint of your life.

The spiritual path of East and West, the Buddha and the Christ,
is intended to bring you into alignment with the inner blueprint of
your Real Self—the highest you can be.

whole body healing

Keys to Balance & Wholeness

Healing is all about energy flow.

Let’s examine the flow of energy and
how you can use certain energy flames to achieve balance,
even as you pursue other healing modalities.

You can use energy flow to complement any form of healing
you may be guided to pursue.

When you have harmony and balanced energy flow in
the forcefield of your body,
you have a good foundation
for inner and outer whole body healing and total wholeness.

Three Paths of Energy Flow

The flow of energy takes three primary paths as it cycles into and away from you.

There is a continual descent of energy
into you every moment of all time while you are in embodiment.

This continual descent of energy comes from your God Presence above you.
It is what keeps you going…
and once it enters your body –
you choose how you handle it and what you do with that energy.

Within your body
you can change your inner energy flow using one or more practices.
These practices include

  • moving meditation,
  • visualization,
  • breath and
  • sound or mantra.

The flow of energy
from you out into the world
depends on your personal inner emotional and mental balance.
When you manifest emotional and mental calm and
you maintain a point of being centered,
your energy flow out into the world will be calm and balanced.

Finding calm and balance of your mental and emotional bodies
can be the most challenging aspects to change.
Because this is true, these areas will be addressed in depth to help you understand and
to provide tools to help you process and bring about your inner change.

Only you can do the work, and
it will take work…

Then there is the return current you send back to God.
Do you have a consistent spiritual practice?

Spending time and learning how to access and become friends
with your higher self might be the most important key and change
you can make for yourself and your family.

You are a divine being, having a human experience.
Learn how to contact your inner divinity and you can achieve whole body healing.

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