True Healing is Alchemy
it is a sacred science, it is a journey.

True Healing as a Journey

Life, as infinity and light and everlastingness be bestowed…

“The only permanent healing and the healing which is ours to bestow is a 
healing unto spiritual as well as physical wholeness.

Upon those who have indeed the can-do spirit and 
understand that all healing must be self-healing–
healing of the Higher Self that the soul does lovingly embrace as her Lord and as herself.

Seek that which is Real and know that 
healing must be a purging–a purging of mind and heart and soul.

This is an age when healing has become difficult for many–and even self-healing.

Why is it so, beloved?
As you have understood, it is karma–
karma descending that exacts a certain fiery trial.” (Archangel Raphael)

“Where you perceive, karma closing in upon yourself, upon loved ones—
the karma of age, decrepitude, senility, whatever the age, whatever the condition—
remember to call upon…the committee [of ascended beings] for 
the instruction concerning karmic causes of disease.

You will find a tremendous assist given to yourself as well as others. 
You will find a compassion developing within yourself and within them, and 
you will see what the ascended hosts can do for mankind.” (The Ascended Master Hilarion)

How to Find Your True Center

What do You do when the sands of life are shifting and 
what is usual has seemingly totally changed?

You Find your center.
When things seem off balance and changed,
find your center and dwell there for a time.
If you know your center, you cannot be moved by whatever is going on around you.
All seekers through the ages have known this and have sought their inner center.

So, what is the center? Where is your center?
People in oriental martial arts say it is the Dan Tien, 
a place around the navel or the center of your physical body.

I am firmly of the belief your center, my center, 
the center of every person is to be found in their heart.

Your Heart Chakra: the True Spiritual Center of Your Being

Heart Chakra

Your heart and Heart Chakra.
A mystical place, the unknown, recognized as a place of love.
Have you felt, experienced the fires of love causing your heart to burn,
the energy within your heart to increase so much that you feel that chakra turning?

Do you center in your heart 
before you begin your spiritual practice for the day?
Do you know how to center in your heart, 
to withdraw all your energy from the outer and 
re-align your energies so all your energy is now in your heart?

The first time I tried to center in my heart, 
I knew I was dwelling in my mind, 
that most of my energy was mental and 
living through thinking was far more comfortable for me 
than living in love.
Do you know what I mean?

Close your eyes and find out where your energy is congregating.
Now, draw all that energy back and place it in your heart. 
Spend some time dwelling in your heart chakra.

See your heart chakra blazing with the pink fires of love.
This twelve petaled chakra is pink and
within the petals is the six pointed star of Victory.

The descending triangle is the energy of God 
which descends for you every moment of the day.

The ascending triangle represents your energy 
which rises to your heart chakra and then upwards as you are able, 
until you see your God face to face…

And written in letters of fire within the six pointed star is 
the name of God I AM THAT I AM.

What a strange name, don’t you think?
The name sounds a little odd, 
yet contained within those simple words is…

The Key to Life

The key to spiritual expansion, to awareness, to love.

The name of God is saying 
that which is above is 
that which is below.

This ancient maxim has been philosophized and analyzed 
those who want to understand what it means.

In a way it is very simple.

Every time you use the expression “I am”
you are saying “God in me is.”

And what ever you say after the “I am”
becomes qualified with the energy of truth and
can come into manifestation.

Therefore, after saying “I am”
you want to put into words only what you want to see happen to you.

Positive words, loving words, kind, supportive words:
I am happy, I am healthy, I am wise, I am wealthy…

Because words carry energy and
because words bring everything into physical manifestation
be very careful what you say.

Back to finding your center…

Life’s constant is change.
All of the world is dealing with change of major proportions.
So how does one person respond.

I would suggest – take this time and find your center.
Establish your heart’s love, and
you will not be moved by whatever happens.
Because something is always happening in life.

Find your center and make yourself strong there.

The Energies of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power Continually Descend into You from God

Every moment of all time you are receiving the energies of Love, Wisdom and Power.
How you use those energies is always your choice.

What you choose then sets in motion what your life looks like
when those energies return to you.

Because the law of karma is: what you send out returns to you for good or for ill.

3 Fold Flame

Find the center in your heart.
The three fold flame of divine love, wisdom and power is accessible to you
See it in your heart, balance these energies
and you will find balance of your whole body.

Healing the Whole Body – Whole Body Healing

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

These are your four lower bodies which
make up your experience of life here on earth.
Your four lower bodies require balance, healing, and cleansing.
Cleansing happens easiest when you use the practice of the spoken word,
the sacred word as part of your spiritual practice.

True Healing is a Journey

When you work with Light in your body, the living flame in every cell,
you access your spiritual or etheric body.

It is in your etheric body where health issues and your health problems begin.

Because all change begins on the spiritual plane,
when you learn how to work with your etheric body,
you can create change in all your four lower bodies,
you can do real healing and correct a multitude of health issues.

The living flame is what really creates the healing. 
Along the way you can learn to
balance and heal using the living flame in every cell.

Healing is an alchemical transformation.
Healing is more than diet and fasting,
more than herbs and homeopathy
and any form or type of physical substance.

Healing is alchemy and 
it is a sacred science.
Think of yourself as being
a scientist in a research laboratory.
You are the alchemist or scientist, 
your laboratory is your body.

True Healing: God’s Light Energy

The Chart of Your Divine Self
the blueprint, 
the energy and 
the source of your true healing.

Your Divine Self

The upper figure in the chart is the I AM Presence or your Real Self.

The middle figure is the Christ Self—your inner teacher, the Inner Christ. 
Your Christ Self can assist you every day in small ways and great.

The lower figure is you as a soul evolving here on earth, 
standing in the tube of light, enveloped in the violet transmuting flame.

You are responsible for your free will,
for the exercise of free will,
for how you use God’s light that flows to you
over the crystal cord 
you see on the Chart of the Presence.

What you do with that light and that energy,
how you qualify it negatively or positively 
determines what you will deal with tomorrow, 
in ten years and beyond this life.

You can be truly healed when you apply the violet flame 
to your physical, mental and psychological problems. 
This is because the violet flame is given to you for the transmutation of karma.

If you transmute your karma before the day 
when you should have some calamity come upon you 
because of your karma, that’s fine.

Give violet flame decrees fifteen minutes a day, a half hour a day.

Go about serving life, doing your job joyfully, helping people, 
having a positive mental attitude and giving that to others.

That is a karma-balancing mode.

Balance Your Karma Using Violet Flame

The violet flame is also called “the flame of forgiveness,”
because it burns through the chains of non-forgiveness that 
bind you to those whom you do not forgive.
When you really desire to forgive,
the violet flame comes and floods you with forgiveness.

Some people wonder how one could possibly forgive terrible deeds or even murder.
Forgiveness does not mean you approve of someone’s mistake or negative actions.
That person will have to atone for the karma they have created by doing any terrible action.

Forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than 
the one whom is forgiven and
the antidote to many diseases.

With forgiveness, you can have freedom from the past and
you can then move forward.

You can welcome forgiveness as a river of cleansing, of affection, of life.
Forgiveness gives fresh opportunity to use life’s energies correctly and move forward.

When you forgive others you discover 
an astounding relief from 
burdens you have carried for so long.

You will find your life amazingly transformed.
If you let forgiveness become a part of your day, 
you enjoy a profound freedom
from stress, anxiety, and painful memories.

A Ritual of Forgiveness

Focus your attention on your heart and center there. 

Visualize the violet flame before you and all around you.

Close your eyes and 
bring to your mind a difficult unresolved situation. 

Recall this situation and the people involved.

Now, center in your heart and see the violet flame there as balls with wings.

Send these violet flame balls out in a stream of forgiving energy

from your heart into the memory of the situation and to the people involved.
Surround the entire situation and people with violet flame energy.

Silently in your heart or in spoken prayer,
forgive the entire situation and people, and 
ask forgiveness for your part.

See a blazing violet fire passing through the scene in your mind. 

Watch the flames neutralize any negative impact of the events. 

Pray for resolution and inner peace, and 
send healing thoughts to all concerned, yourself included.

Release each scene, each memory,
each situation 
to your own Higher Self
and the Higher Self of everyone involved. 

When you let go of any sense of injustice, anger, or guilt at the end of each day

you will be on the road to better health, inner peace, and happiness.

Here is a decree of forgiveness.
Speak this out loud three times – 

or as many times as you like

and generate a mighty flame of forgiveness

to flow out of your heart.

Heart, Head and Hand Forgiveness 1.30

I AM Forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic Victory.

I AM calling in full power
For Forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving Grace. (3x)

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!

Dear Hearts, Give Forgiveness often
and especially at the end of the day
so when you sleep
it is the sleep of peace.

Be at Peace
and know
you can be healed
through the Light Energy of God.

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