How to Rid Your Body of Acidic Waste

When you choose to increase the amount of alkaline food in your diet,
you will help rid your body of acid waste which creates inflammatory and degenerative changes.

An overly acidic ‘internal mileau’ creates an environment
for all sorts of long-term health issues, including aging early, allergies, fatigue, etc…

However, ramping up alkaline foods in your meals is a gentle and safe way to:

  • detoxify,
  • reduce weight,
  • increase vitality and
  • promote healing.

How to Be Healthy – Eat Alkaline Foods

When foods are broken down, digested and then assimilated in your body
they leave a residue or ash.

If the foods you eat are acidic –
they leave an acidic residue.
Over time the increase of acids in your body leads to weakness and disease.

When you eat an alkaline diet,
your body switches from an acidic condition to an alkaline condition.

Essentially, an alkaline diet consists of:

  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • sprouts,
  • grains and
  • staying hydrated with fluids such as water or green tea.

Keys to Healthy Eating and Alkaline Food Consumption

1. Chew well – take the time you need to eat.
Pay attention to what you eat…

2. Chew well – 30 -50 times per mouth of food is ideal. It will undoubtably take you awhile to adjust to chewing this many times per mouth of food.
Essentially, you want food to be liquid before you swallow it…

However, I guarantee you will eat less. 

Chewing well is key to having good digestion and assimilation.

It is also key to watching what you eat because for you to chew this many times, the food you eat has to taste good!

3. Drink good quality water.

4. Drink the cooled water from your steamed vegetables.
OR give this water to your plants once it has cooled down.

5. Eat all your meals before it gets dark; preferably before 6:30 PM.

6. According to Oriental Medicine, your digestion is most active before 2 PM, so eat lighter foods after 2 PM.

7. Relax a few minutes before and after your meal.

8. Eat in a comfortable sitting position. Pay attention to what you are eating. Make enjoying your meal a form of meditation.

9. Drink only herb teas after dinner.

Proposed Menu of Alkaline Foods

On Rising each Morning:

  • 2 glasses Water:
    filtered, spring or Reverse Osmosis
  • Mix one glass with juice of ½ lemon
  • Stretching and/or aerobic exercise
  • 1 serving fresh fruit: apple, pear, banana, grapes, citrus
  • Daily spiritual attunement.

15” – 30” later eat:

  • 1 bowl cooked whole grains: brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat.
  • 2 Tablespoons flavoring: fruit juice, tamari or salt.

Lunch 12 – 1 PM
Veggies with Whole Grains and if you like, a small amount of animal protein.

Rice with your favorite steamed vegetable.
Beans and corn with rice.
Chickpeas as hummus, with tahini sauce and a grain

11 AM & 3 PM:
1-2 cups of vegetable water, saved from steamed veggies
Add a little sea salt, or kelp
Drink slowly, mix each mouthful with saliva.

Dinner 5 – 6 PM

1-2 medium bowls of steamed vegetables with grains.
use a variety including roots/stems/greens.

Seasoning recipe:
Mix ½ cup cold pressed olive oil or canola oil 
into a soft ½ pound of butter.
Place in dish and refrigerate.
Use 1 teaspoon per meal, a max of 3 teaspoons daily.

Herbal teas: peppermint/chamomile/pau d’arco/ or herbal tea blends. 
Avoid caffeine.

If you fell weak or have symptoms the first couple of days, this will pass. 
Clarity and a feeling of well-being should appear by day 3 or 4, if not earlier.

During this diet if you start to feel weak or hungry, assess your water intake and your elimination.

If you need protein, eat a small portion: 3-4 ounces in the mid afternoon.
This could be: fish, free-range organic chicken; 
or beans, such as lentils, garbanzos, ming, or black beans.

Even with a clean and healthy body, the full effect of an alkaline food diet does not begin to be felt for 5 to 7 days. So, wait a week before you make a decision whether it is working for you…

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