Understand the Teaching behind Conscious Breathing

Realize the most important way to sustain your body is drawing forth prana.

Prana is the essence of vital life force you take in by sacred, conscious breath. 

Prana flows through thousands of threadlike, luminous vessels 
to your chakras and nourishes your four lower bodies 
(spiritual, mental, emotional and physical).

Each moment of your life is intended to be a sacred experience 
through giving and receiving sacred conscious breath. 

The light of life within the air itself
is the very life breath of your soul.

There is a cosmic transmutation whereby light

becomes the life of every living cell:

  • The two parts of hydrogen in each molecule of water form the cradle
  • to ensconce pure oxygen, the vessel of white fire (light)
  • that nourishes the arteries, the bloodstream and the tissues of your body temple
  • with sacred breath.

The energy of blood is charged with pure oxygen and ‘nous’ of the air.

Nous‘ is regarded as the first emanation of God, 
the highest intellect, reason or principle governing our physical world.

Without air and its ability to transform, transmute and transmit nature, 
life from the highest to the lowest forms would cease to be.

Most people absorb only the smallest fraction of 
the light and life force essence contained in each molecule of air.

The life-force is necessary to sustain
the integrated and integrating principle of Being
in the heart of every atom.

One of the Major Causes of Disease, Old Age and Death

is your failure to place a priority on
cleansing and purifying your body, mind and soul in order
to assimilate the 
purifying, life-sustaining breath which is
charged with the divine whole of the Life-force.

You cleanse yourself 
the water of the Mother,
by eating the fruits of the earth, while
using prana and sacred conscious breathing.

How to Increase Your Life Force Using Conscious Breathing

to Begin
1. Stand in Tai Chi Stance
Sit in comfortable position

2. Eyes half closed
3. Tip of tongue place on roof of mouth
4. smile slightly

5. center in your heart
6. mentally relax your body part by part (optional)
while remaining centered in your heart.
Be balanced.

Be Balanced Using Conscious Breath, Mantra & Visualization

Conscious Breathing
1. Breathe in 6 seconds using a silent mantra –

2. Choose a Mantra with 6 syllables: 

“I AM the Light of God”

“The Will of God is good”

or your choice of a mantra with 6 syllables.

The mantra increases power and centering because you are adding 
the power of centered thought to the power of conscious breath.

3. Breathe out 6 seconds
continue equal inhalation and exhalation while using the silent mantra.

when you are ready
4. add Visualization
during inhalation see your body fill with light
during exhalation visualize all darkness within leaving as you breathe out
fill up with light during in-breath
allow toxins, disease, discomfort to exit with out-breath.

This is the essence of conscious breathing. 

Start with 5 minutes daily. 

When you are ready, do this twice a day at even intervals. (e.g.: 6 am & 6 pm).

Next, we will go deeper into the practice of conscious breathing because this can approach a method of masterful attunement when you are willing to put in the time & energy.

You can use this method to heal your body because you align yourself with spiritual awareness.

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Breath is a core part of your life and well-being.

When you start the practice of conscious breathing

  • You will find a balance coming into your physical body you never had before
  • you will experience a greater sense of being present, in the here and now;
  • a sense of calm will begin to pervade your being
  • your emotions will stop being reactive
  • because you have calmed down
    little things will stop bothering you
  • wisdom can increase
  • harmony can be felt
  • you feel relaxed, no matter what is going on around you
  • falling asleep and staying asleep may become easier
  • the sense of the inter connectedness of life starts to become very real
  • You become more attuned to your inner awareness and 
to higher states of consciousness.

Conscious breathing is a way to affect and increase your ability to live consciously.

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