Senior Exercise Program When You are Over 50

It might come as a surprise, but hitting 50 doesn’t necessarily mean you should be less energetic. Senior Exercise programs are important, regardless of age, gender, or physical conditions. Nowadays, you have a lot of information available about what you should or shouldn’t do about your health and wellness. The bottom line is: working out increases your life span in more ways than one. Given your body isn’t as it used to be when you were younger, you can continue to make changes to ensure you remain healthy and energetic.

Senior exercise program


Senior Exercise Program Using Tai Chi

Tai translates to ‘ultimate’, and chi translates to ‘energy’, but most of the time it is described as meditation in motion. One of the key elements of tai chi is meditation. It requires you to focus on slow movement and training your body and mind. As such, it is an excellent low impact cardiovascular workout encouraging you to move your muscles.

Tai chi movements are tend to be circular and are never forced. Your muscles are usually relaxed, you are never fully extended or bent, and your connective tissues are not stretched. This makes it an ideal workout for people who are over 50. It encourages the proper flow of energy throughout your body, therefore alleviating any tension while rejuvenating your entire body. The science behind tai chi is when your muscles relax, your energy channels known as meridians, become more open.

Qi Gong for Seniors

‘Qi’ refers to the vital energy of the body. It focuses on meditation, breathing techniques and physical movements. By practicing qi gong, you become aware of the sensations in your body and use your mind to intentionally guide the energy in your body. Several studies have shown that qigong balances meridians and body functions. By making your overall health better, qi gong can significantly boost your energy levels while also helping you manage conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, hormonal changes and cardiovascular disease.

Yoga & Senior Exercises

Staying active can be hard as you age, but yoga makes it easier for you to stay active and social while taking care of your joints and muscles. Yoga is one of the best tools to help you be aware of your body and gain confidence in yourself. In addition, yoga has been known to alleviate stress, improve stability (no more falls!) and make your sleep better.

Regardless of age, less stress means more life. Yoga facilitates relaxation, better flexibility, improved movement, less chronic pain, and increased focus. The yoga positions increase your energy levels and self-appreciation.

If you are constantly running on empty or putting your system under pressure, exercises might be the best way to boost your energy and promote an outlet for all of life’s pressures. Although there are numerous energy boosting supplements, the best remedies are always natural. Here’s to aging gracefully!



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