Conscious Healing Using Subtle Energies

Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

Are you ready for a higher healing awareness?
The Mission here is to help you integrate
an alchemy of whole body healing
using a spiritual perspective.

The highest plan:
to see the healing of your inner being as well as
outer healing of your physical body and the other three lower bodies.

Are you seeking techniques or methods to create real change?
Are you ready for transformation?
Are you willing to do the work and
to stick with it?

If you are ready – let’s go…

Here you can examine keys to help you bring healing to all levels of your being.

Beginning with your spirit you can look at tools to help you change.

Did you know the state of your spirit has a direct impact on the state of your health?

The core condition of your spirit determines the vibrancy of your health and is
the wellspring of your life.

The flow of energy to and from you directly impacts
your inner sense of well-being and
how you experience the health of your body.

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About Dr. Elisabeth, a Naturopathic Doctor.

The Alchemy of Whole Body Healing…

Dr. Elisabeth

 True Healing Begins in Your Spiritual Body

While Naturopathic Doctors might understand 

healing needs to address your spiritual needs and spiritual body, 

there is a gap in understanding this and
the ability to address 

how to actually heal from the level of your spiritual body
to all the rest of you.

Because healing truly begins at a higher level
than the physical plane,
it is good to know how to access your higher plane
and what you can use to heal from the higher place.

So we offer techniques, rituals and secrets

keys to raise your energy
to access higher consciousness
and to self heal
to transform yourself.

Healing and helping others
has always been a driving purpose for me.

The desire to share natural healing and
how it is possible to heal yourself is
what is being shared on this website.

Are you ready to begin
your journey to
greater alignment with purpose
disciplining yourself for
self transformation
and living a fulfilling life….

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